Each phase of human life in its physical aging becomes

an exciting, integral part of the

kinesthetic mural of existence. ~ Tobes Reisel



A sage acupuncturist once told a client who wanted to get rid of her headaches: 

“You are Not a Toyota”.


He wanted her to understand she was driving herself like a car.  She got the message, her

headaches disappeared.


Like my client, I drove myself and destroyed my health in mid-life. Today I am strong, vital and energetic, and have a passion for empowering all of us to take responsibility for our own health, and avoid unnecessary degenerative disease (diabetes comes to mind).


This workshop will offer the insight, wisdom, practical lifestyle suggestions, and treatment possibilities gathered over decades from my experience and the protocols and disciplines that have restored me to physical strength and health.  We will share personal successes, obstacles, tips, and support so we can all experience a full feeling of aliveness in our skin.


Each woman’s unique constitution will guide what works for her.

My mentor, Tobes, with whom I have grown and aged for 30 years, today is a model of how to remain vital at 90.  She wrote the quote above when she was only 60.  I just called her to tell her she was being quoted.  She couldn’t talk to me because she was working!