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...the answers can be found in a woman's longing to be authentically 'feminine,' to experience herself fully as a woman and, as the same time, to be strong, independent individual whose power and authority are rooted within her.

~ Connie Zweig





These workshops offer a dynamic opportunity for a woman to discover and express her own brand of magic.


The four workshops have a specific focus and also function holographically, each one generating the same outcome: the support of every authentic woman’s spirit.


An ongoing Circle becomes a living, breathing nourishing community honoring the values of feminine connection.

We use practical psychological insight, imagery, sound, movement, and other 

methods that combine with the wisdom of the group to meet your individual needs.


If you are successful in the marketplace and want to complement that success with 

richness in your personal life, or your creative spirit is frustrated and longs to be expressed, or you are imbedded in relationships yet feel disconnected, or you wish to remain physically energetic and vital as time announces itself...


Join Marsha and other kindred spirits in a workshop.


Marsha is both participant and facilitator, 

and always brings a light touch and fun to her work.


The Bay Area Authentic Women’s Circle has

grown together for 25 years, and today continues to thrive.

Women have always drawn on the ancient power of the feminine spirit as they gather together in groups

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