"I went to Marsha when my marriage fell apart.  I was angry, hurt and confused.  Naturally, I blamed everything on my now ex-wife.  Marsha's empathy was so helpful to me when I was just a walking wound, but when I was feeling a little stronger, she helped me understand how I had participated in the destruction of my marriage. I didn’t want to hear it; she didn't give up, and I finally recognized my part in my failure….and, did I mention?  I wouldn't take my ex back if she begged me.   Today I am in a fantastic relationship that would never have been possible if it hadn't been smart enough to call Marsha."

~ G.E.


"My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us out of the terrible conflict we were in.  You taught us how to listen to each other.   We just learned something that we had forgotten or never knew...that we are very different, and that we needed to shut up for a minute and listen to those we love.  We still have the "New Rules" that you created for us so we won't forget to listen...and to love.  We won't forget!"

~ The R Family


“Marsha  helped lift me out of a lifelong depression. It was serious. I had been to psychiatrists and other therapists who didn't help. She insisted I build healthy boundaries with my 20's daughters and to understand how my early life in a military household had taught me to suppress my emotions.  Marsha's incredible knowledge not just about psychological realities, but about how we can have so much more power and control over our emotions with boundaries, honest talk and lifestyle changes has helped me to leave my depression in the trash can with all those meds.  I can’t believe I’m now teaching my friends and family what I learned.  Sometimes I go into for a 'tune-up', but Marsha’s hard work has paid off.  She’s also funny:  she said she couldn’t have done it without ME!." ~ N.S.


"I was in total and complete denial about my substance abuse problem when I went to Marsha to talk about my career and my boyfriend.  She helped with the career, the boyfriend...but persistently, over a period of two years, helped me have the courage to tell the truth about how

I had learned to medicate myself to feel better…that turned into a full-blown addiction.  I was a “highly functioning” substance abuser.   I entered a program and have been sober, and my own person for 4 years now.  Her determination pulled me through until I could pull myself forward.  I'm forever grateful." ~ V.E.



Authentic Women Workshop


"I always distrusted other women, but I took a chance on The Authentic Woman Workshops and learned it was me I didn't trust.  I'm getting myself back thanks to this group of women.  It's a process...it's not happening instantly like I've been misled to believe by the self-help psycho-babble.  But as I leave each meeting, sometimes uplifted, sometimes challenged, I am always, always grateful for this circle of women.  Even though we're all irreverent (especially Marsha!) it is a true sacred space that opens up when we're together." ~ Jackie


"I found my muse in The Authentic Woman Workshop!  She has been with me for 10 years now.  I never knew she was there at all.  My creative life is flourishing...it's so exciting, fulfilling, and profitable!  I was able to start a successful business out of what I learned with these incredible women.  Marsha is funny, amazing, skilled, supportive, confrontational, and ... OMG   ... authentic!"

~ Carolyn


"The work is energizing, challenging, exciting, real, healing and fun!"  We laugh, cry, struggle and learn together.  We help each other...but I've learned that the bottom line is that I'm responsible for my own life.  What a new experience to be allowed...can you believe what I just wrote...allowed to be ourselves." ~ Linda


"I went to the Authentic Woman Workshops to find my 'feminine', and ended up marrying a wonderful man.  Somehow in ways that I can't ever describe, I became open to be loved.  Marsha even performed our wedding ceremony.  One-stop shopping!  Authenticity AND a fabulous man!  What a happy surprise." ~ Anne


Coaching For Life

"I didn't need counseling, I needed somebody to help me stay on track!  I was writing my dissertation for my Ph.D. and absolutely could not finish the damn thing (that's  how I thought about it every time I had to sit down at the keyboard) I did everything but write...reorganizing my sock drawer was at the top of my list, Facebook, of course, helped me lose months of otherwise productive writing…then there was eating and sleeping...very important.  No time to write.


I heard that Marsha was a great coach, so before all those student loans went to waste I called her. She looks soft, but don’t be deceived, she’s very tough.  She was determined that I finish.  It was like it was Her dissertation.  She told me to stop swearing at it, and begin to make friends with the creative voice inside of me.   I am now officially a Ph.D!  I am proud of my accomplishment and got a great job because of it.  Marsha was the change-agent.  Never go to her for coaching unless you want to succeed.” ~ A.R.


I am an artist.  I was a closet artist before Marsha became my coach.  Now I’m an artist in the world, instead of hiding.  I am an artist.  J.G.


I went to Marsha as a middle-aged woman who had been out of the workforce for 25 years raising my family.  Circumstances dictated that I had to get a job to support myself.  How???  Multi-talented, multi-tasking, fresh-faced, energetic Milleneials had all the jobs…some of them were even having a hard time getting hired, but they got to live with their PARENTS!

I had to pay the rent.  I had less than zero confidence.  I was in a life crisis.  I signed up for coaching sessions with Marsha.  She amazed me when she insisted that I DO NOT take a job beneath me.  It took months to build my confidence.  I started every session with all the reasons nobody would hire me.  It was agonizing…change, that is.  Without making this too long, today I have a well-paying job that stretches me every day doing what I love!   I am respected, esteemed, working hard and feeling tired and fulfilled at the end of the day.  The esteem is coming from myself!  I held on, Marsha didn’t let me settle.  I wanted to give up, but she never gave up.  Marsha always said that we can all have what we want, we probably just can’t have everything we want.  Focus, focus, focus.  That’s what I learned.  I have power.  I learned that too.  I raised my family, now I’m a powerful woman in the workforce making a difference.  ~M.J.




Coaching For Health


“Like Marsha, I have suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia for decades. My life turned grey, and I’ve felt like a limp noodle for years.  Unlike Marsha, I simply have not had the support, resources and correct treatment to get my health back. Marsha isn’t a doctor, she’s better!  She had the patience, empathy and practical knowledge to guide me to the right protocols to begin to get well.  As a counselor, she also helped me reframe myself.  I felt like a victim…but that didn’t mean I was a victim.  Slowly I regained my health, and power.  There is no magic bullet, but there IS more energy in my body, which means I have More Life!” ~ S.K.


“I have suffered from GERD for years.  It got so bad that I went from over-the-counter medications to pharmaceuticals.  Nothing seemed to work, and when my doctor prescribed the next strongest medication that had serious side effects in the blood somebody told me about Marsha.  Thank God.  She patiently guided me not only to the right practitioners to help, but more importantly, empowered me to revamp my lifestyle such that today I am free of all medication!  I have to respect what my body tells me, and if I don’t, my symptoms return.  But I’m in charge!  Without Marsha I’d be where?  Victimized by my gut with messed up blood to boot!” ~ S.M.


“Asthma is a bummer that I’ve suffered most of my life.  Working with Marsha has helped me understand the emotional triggers that bring on an attack, and I’ve cut them in half!  Because her mentor and family member also suffer from asthma, she understands me big time.  And she has an amazing range of knowledge, having spent 20 years rebuilding her own health.  She has been invaluable in reducing my attacks, and teaching me how to be more balanced in the rest of my life too.” ~ L.M.


"I am gratified to call Marsha my friend, colleague, and confidant. For 30 years we have shared our experience as two women in a changing and challenging world. I have watched with admiration how she has overcome her challenges and today thrives with a vitality of spirit that  she was born with. Our long and rich conversation continues today as a  touchstone of  shared creativity and growth."

Tobes Reisel, A.T.R.                                             

Trainer Emeritus                                                 

                                        National Training Labs                                      

for Applied Behavioral Science                      



"Marsha’s ability to manifest straightforward, constructive communications — in the most constructive ways imaginable — is just one of the many reasons that I continue to be part of her Authentic Woman Workshop.   For over 15 years, I have personally benefited from the insights gained from her work with me and our group about my relationships, work environments and aspirations, and my life’s path.   Even when I think life is going just great, the dynamics of the group combined with her ability to dig deep, constantly provide me with valuable AHA moments.

Marsha is both irreverent and reverent, funny and serious, strong and vulnerable, qualities she models for all of us."


Nancy Sheppard                                                  

Founder & CEO of Women2Boards                

    Honored as one of San Francisco’s 100        

Most Influential Women in Business in        

2011 by SF Business Times.                             



"I’ve worked with Marsha for 20 years rebuilding her own health and the health of her clients. Her comprehensive understanding of the wide range of healing modalities and the individual needs of each client has helped many recover and thrive. Her intuitive radar fueled by a passion for wellness is acute. I'm glad to walk with her on the journey to vibrant health."  

 Dr.Lindsay Fontana                                            

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

Nutriitonal Therapy Association                    


"Marsha brings compassion, clarity, energy and strength to her life and work. She is an active listener on multiple levels: emotional, spiritual, logistical and personal. She is deeply committed to her clients, and can weave through complicated issues finding solutions in the midst of conflict, confusion and stress. Her empathy, humor and collaborative style will facilitate you to accomplish your goals. Her goal is that you have a deeply meaningful and positive experience in your life."

David F. Rubin, Ph.D.