Feminine Power Part 3 of 4

Your Personal Renewable Energy Source

As China prepared for the 2008 Olympics, a revolutionary discovery of waterlogged manuscripts the size of chopsticks were unearthed.

These manuscripts date to about 2,500 years ago, a time of great intellectual ferment that produced China’s greatest schools of thought, including the extraordinary I Ching, or Book of Changes, an unparalleled description of the human condition as relevant today as it was then. Scientists from all over the world are examining these texts for possible new revelations that will add to the legacy we have inherited from the ancients.

The I Ching relates life’s circumstances to the qualities of nature and acts as a guide to right action to those who are wise enough to seek its guidance.

It begins with the basics:

Ch'ien, the Creative Heaven


K'un, the Receptive Earth

Modern language often uses the term “masculine” as a synonym for Ch'ien, and “feminine” for K'un. This habit of ascribing gender to nature has produced the confusion that I wrote about in Part 1 of this series.

This teeny window into archaeological history is offered to alert you to a source of positive energy that will produce success in all things.

A big claim that I can back up.

Feeling tired, stressed, over-extended, too busy? Do you have enough time and “space” in your day, week, year to enjoy downtime? Are you totally happy when you get a cold so you have an excuse to unplug, if only for one day? Do you wake up from your sleep refreshed and revitalized?

Just look at your day today? How you feel about your list? If you’re centered, simultaneously relaxed and alert, and clear enough to focus your creative energies on what you want and get it, stop reading right now.

For those who want “what she’s having”, read on.

You have available to you 24/7 a free remedy that will produce an experience of well-being, clarity, health, and accomplishment.

K’un can fix it all.

Your part is to plug in.

Simple, but not easy.

Connecting to and utilizing consciously “earth energy” requires a change in the habits we’ve all developed to adapt to an accelerated lifestyle. The collateral damage to achieving success walk into my office every day — clients who have overtaxed their mental, emotional and physical budgets seeking relief. An overtaxed person makes bad decisions.

It’s a challenge to convince them that they actually have to change in order to feel better. Most want their circumstances to change while they remain the same.

Einstein stated this is a no-win formula.

What's the plan?

Here are several simple tips personally tested over time.

My part is to suggest them.

Your part is to provide the desire and discipline to change your habits.

1. Use your mind to make a decision to plug in to K’un every day for a week. Of course, it’s transparent that your mind will want to do everything else but change, but who’s in charge here? You, or your chaotic mind? I ask myself this question every day.

2. Every morning resist the temptation to plug in to your devices until after you have been nourished by K’un. Who’s in charge here? You, or your technology? Every day I ask myself this question.

3. Select your experiment. You can meditate if that’s compatible with your temperament. There are apps. You can go outside and go on a walking meditation. There are instructions online. You can do a body-meditation: yoga, Tai-Chi, just stretching.…this is related to a walking meditation. Some of us just aren’t able to “sit”. Totally ok. You can put on headphones or buds and listen to tones, podcasts, music, or a guided meditation.

Whatever suits you. This is Your Experiment, Your Way.

What’s non-negotiable, though, is you do the experiment every day for a week, and that you go outside and plant your bare feet on the earth. 5 minutes. You can also breathe while you’re planted. Optional.

Notice as you’re walking back to your home and screens the sensation you the awareness of your feet connecting with K’un. Pay attention. You can take this new habit into your day: noticing randomly the sensation as your feet connect with the floor, path, sidewalk, earth.

4. Only when you’ve done this experiment EVERY DAY for 1 week do you give yourself permission to make a new decision that this is not for me..or it is as claimed…a personal energy source that can harmonize mind, body, emotions, and yes, spirit, and incorporate this practice into every morning.

My clients who have (finally) agreed to do this experiment begin to experience the relief they desire because they are more available to themselves and their life circumstances. They make better decisions because they are more in “present time” with themselves and their situations. They use their powers more efficiently. They are less confused, and more in charge of themselves. The benefits are enormous, all in direct proportion to their investment.

I deliberately correlated ancient wisdom to today's life because we’re enamored with the modern, sometimes sacrificing our potential to experience ourselves every day as the phenomenal, beautiful and majestic beings we are, beneficiaries of those who have gone before us.

Rock On!



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