Feminine Power

is not something to achieve,

it is part of our DNA as human beings,

thus not gender-specific.

Words matter. Feminine Power can open a gateway to fulfillment for both women and men.

But often these words are misunderstood, and our distorted language confuses us. To make matters worse, sometimes we don’t know we’re confused…we think that because we might be highly functional, verbally skilled, we’re clear.

Here is my take after decades of drilling down:

The qualities of the Feminine are:

Receptive, Nature, Relationship (love),

Nurturing, Generative. Equilibrium.

Understanding that both men and women possess these qualities not only clarifies, but dissolves artificial boundaries that separate. This is fairly straightforward, easy.

The dictionary distinguishes 2 kinds of Power:

Mechanical - physics,


Power to Influence Others

Unfortunately, most of us have mistaken force for genuine power.

Force is the problem, not Power. When we rush through our days, we lose quality, beauty, the moment. When we push others, relationships break down. When we demand our bodies move at 100 mph. all day, every day, they break down. When we insist on creativity, we’re blocked. Then when the inevitable blow-back attacks us, we’re disappointed, and even more confused.

I’ve learned that I don’t have to use force to be powerful. It feels so much better!

OK, you’re thinking: yesterday’s news, or who needs a lesson in linguistics or (horrors!) you're bored.

But if you're intrigued, you might begin to notice that imbedded in the current literature is the message that achievement requires force. That may be true if you’re fighting a war, it’s less true for those of us who want to live well.

This newsletter is an invitation to reframe our definition of power.

Feminine Power = Good.

Force = Bad.

Here are a few ideas as you experiment with applying Feminine Power in your personal lives.

1. Notice if you tense or relax when contemplating an activity in your life. If your muscles involuntarily tense up, ask yourself not “why?” (usually a distraction), but “what” are your choices … then consider choosing an option you feel more relaxed about.

Disclaimer: This does not, of course, apply to going to the dentist.

2. To help with #1, you might begin to experiment with this question: “What do I want?” Just access the information…it may not be possible to get what you want…but at least you have the data.

3. Spend a little time every day in nature. Notice your feet on the earth…just standing for a little while (like, 5 minutes—OMG) and experiencing yourself as part of nature.

4. Begin to be aware of the sentences that come out of your mouth to yourself and others. Do they reflect what you want to say? If not, choose another way to organize your language to convey what you want to express.

I know, these may not seem interstellar, cosmic, explosive, remarkable, earth-shattering, stupendous ideas. They are, like Feminine Power, simple, direct, subtle, and did I mention: Powerful.

That’s what we want, isn’t it?

When I began these newsletters I said that I would only send something into your inbox when I felt like it. I’ve been quiet for a while, and today I felt like I wanted to send this to you.

I might send follow-ups on this theme relating to creativity, our bodies, relationships. That’s my idea right now. I will check in with myself soon and see how I feel.

I also feel like offering a 4-week seminar this summer in Sherman Oaks applying the theme of Feminine Power to our Relationships, Work, Bodies, as well as our Personal Lives. Let me hear from you if you think it’s a good idea.

Rock On!




Contact Marsha @ (818)782-8533 or email:


or Amelia: ameliaburstyn@gmail.com

for additional information about workshops.

Call or email Marsha directly to schedule a personal

coaching/counseling session.

To learn more about Marsha and her work

check out her website: marshamendizza.com

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