The BEST Valentine's Day Present

"Everybody has a Hungry Heart"

-Bruce Springsteen

"Sometimes I wonder if it is wise to work directly at relationship.

What matters is to be centered oneself, willing and ready,

always ready for the hours or moments when they come.

Then the relationship can be trusted to take care of itself."

-Irene de Castillejo

This Sunday we celebrate all the wonderful dimensions and facets of Love, including Romantic Love.

What to give that conveys that you cherish, appreciate, value, respect, honor, love your “person”?

Maybe your relationship is in “transition”; maybe you just got married and your gift is a no-brainer; maybe you are becoming a couple looking to the future as a team, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts, maybe you’ve been together forever and the spark ignited by Eros long ago has diminished, replaced by the dulling, habitual patterns and demands of everyday life.

Maybe you’re solo, but there’s somebody you really care about who doesn’t even know it.

What to give?

I suggest that you give each other a break from working, working, working, working on ourselves and our relationships. Just for one day.

The demands of today’s relationships are heavy; we work too hard at everything, especially how to Love and be Loved.

First, we are asked to take care of ourselves as individuals, identifying and communicating needs and boundaries to others. This is very, very tricky, because there is a fine line between covering our own bases and over-working, over-broadcasting the necessity of strengthening the self, thus reducing our relationships to lists of “needs” met and unmet.

Boring. Dry. Flat. Boring.

The Hungry Heart neither knows nor cares about our lists.

The Heart draws us closer to each other not just as an impulse, but as an imperative of Life itself.

The Heart longs for and reaches out for emotional connection. The Heart wants only to give and receive love.

Your perfect gift may be hidden in plain sight. It is a gift of time and freedom to allow yourself and your person a time-out from the work of relationship.

What a relief! To relax deeply into the simplicity of what loving means.

Here’s an idea how to achieve this grand ideal.

Give your person a Time-Out Coupon for a whole day, half-a-day, even 3 hours of together time in which you do together what you enjoy. You might even increase the value of your coupon by extending to each other the relief of allowing them to be exactly “who they are” without trying to conform them to your needs and wants.

Use your imagination and understanding of yourselves and your person to give each other a Valentine’s Day present that can refresh, renew, revitalize and even surprise yourselves as sovereign individuals within a relationship that has value and meaning to your Heart.

Then on Monday you can go back to Working.


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Rock on!


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