Always Finish What You Start

This is the moment of embarking.

All auspicious signs are in place.



365 Tao

Deng Ming-Dao

2016 is launched! For those who have jumped into your New Years' Resolutions already, here's a way to fast-track your goals, projects, dreams.

Take a breath, pause for a moment, and look into the rear-view mirror of 2015. If you find open loops lingering, items that have not been completed, finish them first. This is the most important step in beginning the new. Unfinished business will steal the energy and focus necessary to fulfillment.

Upon completion comes fulfillment.

With fulfillment comes liberation.

Liberation allows you to go on.



365 Tao

Deng Ming-Dao

You might consider you life as a garden you have the privilege and responsibility for cultivating. Unfinished business acts as weeds that strangle the new seeds you have planted. Without rich, fertile soil nothing can grow. No soil; no growth.

Weeds can be emotional, physical, relationship entanglements, work-related, closets, garages, drawers, work systems (check out David Allen - Getting Things Done), daily practices in need of streamlining, hiring that help that you know you need but have procrastinated, etc.

The good stuff you want this year will arrive only in a weed-free garden.

My clients and I are closong our loops.

Here's what we're doing:

First, we make a list of our open loops.

Second, we prioritize that list - putting the hardest one at the top.

Third, we all drill-down, use our will power, and complete the list.

I promise you will grow what you want in this New Year after you've done some gardening.

P.S. Sometimes one has to get a bit dirty pulling weeds.

Rock On!



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