Winter Solstice: Dark, Light

We are awakening out of the longest night into the shortest day of the year: The Winter Solstice. This turning point happens at the same instant everywhere on Earth, is a central part of nature’s cycle, and marks a great stillness before the Sun’s strength builds and days grow longer.

Since the beginning of human history the Winter’s Solstice has held great spiritual significance— the “birth” of the sun symbolizing the potential for awakening light within every human being.

But you probably already know that.

My Winter Solstice is less esoteric this year. This morning I’m conscious that my life, and yours, is lived within the greater body of the earth, precisely balanced on its axis to maintain balance.

Perhaps nature's vast, mysterious cosmic forces do not just affect us, they are us.

The gift of a long night of darkness has been given to us, and we need it. Much has been asked of us this year, personally, locally, globally. We are meeting needs within ourselves, our families, communities, work, and our world with the best we’ve got. It’s amazing, in some cases heroic, what we’ve accomplished and will continue to achieve as life itself heats up.

We’ve worked hard, and many of us are tired.

I can’t do, be, give my best when I’m tired. Yes, I can phone it in when I have to, but in a way I fail myself when I do. Doesn’t feel good. Sometimes I get sick, an inconvenient response by nature when I don’t walk my talk.

The Best is what I want; so I’ve made a decision (more powerful than an intention, all due respect to intention) to restore balance by regenerating my mind, body, spirit this Winter’s Solstice.

I’ll curb my enthusiasm for doing my list in favor of wasting/enjoying time and I feel restored. I’ll recognize the prompt; it will come as a natural impulse to act, not enforced by my will. For me, it’s the difference between pushing myself to do something, and being pulled into creativity.

This Winter’s Solstice invites us to relax into the nourishing, gestating, warm stillness of the dark night, remembering always the paradox of life so beautifully captured by T.S. Eliot:

“So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.”

This is my wish for all of us:

Rock On!



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