Think Globally, Act Personally

Work on yourself first, take responsibility for your own progress.

~ I Ching

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

~ Frederick Nietzsche

It may seem that a single human being is powerless in the face of the tragedy in France last week, or Egypt last month, or Nigeria yesterday, or the ongoing, now chronic violence in distant countries.

Our own homeland is not imune to external and internal threats.

The world has changed, and it has affected all of us.

And yet, AT THE SAME TIME, EVERYWHERE, at the heart of life itself there is great order, peace and beauty.

My Personal Lake

My clients have been affected, and ask: "What Can I Do?"

Those who are heroically protecting our safety: law enforcement, counterterrorism, diplomacy have a defined mission.

The rest of us, most of us, who live ordinarily lives may not have a clear answer to that question.

Over the last week, and indeed for the last several years I have been challenged to find my own response to the question for myself, and for my clients. We are all vibrating subtly or not so subtly with the world's conflicts.

The simultaneous presence of peace and harmony and violence is a reality, and a great paradox. Often only paradox can capture the greatest truth.

My personal response is to first strengthen myself EVEN MORE as an individual in the face of increasing challenge.

These suggestions have been road-tested by me and my clients, and are offered in the event that you might find something useful to formulate your own response to the changing world.

First, acknowledge the effect of the external world on you. You might be a little more jittery, sad, mad, hyper, hypo than "usual". Trust me, if you are human, you are affected. Just notice it, and recognize that not everything in your experience is Personal (OMG!!). Some of your personal experience is driven by the collective.

That's all, just notice it. Without awareness, you will simply project your unacknowledged state onto others, inanimate objects, or, my favorite unconscious projection: to argue — yell — at digital "voices" broadcast through devices that are attached to impersonal organizations in charge of pieces of my life.

Second, increase your practice every day. Find your center-point of clarity, strength, peace. Each of us has our own access to pre-existing inner calm. It's in the most challenging times that we need to up our reps...strengthen ourselves daily...which enables us to respond to our day with right decisions.

Remember: You cannot "will" yourself to be peaceful. If you don't have a meditation/awareness practice, or even if you do, it helps a lot to place your physical body in a harmonious environment...nature is help us reconnect with our own inner harmony. My Personal Lake does it for me.

Just do it! Take that walk around the lake, meditate even though you have to add a whole 15 min. to your morning, notice a flower or a tree, be with someone who makes you laugh. You know where the portal is to your Self.

Third, when you are centered, strong, clear take whatever external action that is appropriate for you to make a difference to the values you hold. This action doesn't have to be a social, environmental or political. ANY ACTION that promotes more peacefulness is that right action.

Bottom line: Now is a good time to sacrifice laziness to being more attentive to ourselves and the world we live in...Our Common Home.

Rock On!




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