Every living situation has, like a newborn child, a new face that has never been before and will never come again. It demands of you a reaction which cannot be prepared beforehand. It demands nothing of what is past. It demands responsibility. It demands you.

~ Martin Buber

All of us have a creative impulse that longs to be expressed. For some the fire burns brightly, for others it’s a weak ember. Our creative spirit gives “juice” to life; that’s why artists are often more passionate than the rest of us.

You can see it in children; everything is a discovery, a spontaneous opportunity to play (or scream, depending). As we become adults, sadly, spontaneity and creativity become subordinated to correctness. We can feel it when we put the brakes on a quick impulse because it would be inappropriate. We can feel it! For me, it’s a subtle oppression that makes life boring when I “manage” myself, rehearsing everything first…which takes me totally out of present time.

I’m not suggesting we all run around being inapproporiate. I am suggesting that even if we’re not “artists” we acknowledge and value our personal brand of creativity and find a place to express it.

I stopped managing and finally enrolled in an improv Class I’ve been publicy

announcing I wanted to do for years.

The payoff: Huge! Within 20 minutes I was doing “scenes”. In 3 hours the ordinary was transformed into the extraordinary. I was challenged to avoid relying on my perfected mechanisms, surprised myself about the expansive range of who I am, and had FUN! And that was just the first class.

I’m reminded of Mark Rylance (multiple-Tony-Award winner and in my view the greatest living actor) “….if you really, really aim at the present, if you avoid intellectual forms…I’ve got nothing against intellectual forms…but you’ve got to aim at the present to find the poetic gift.”

Kinda like the spiritual disciplines that ask us to be mindful.

Not everybody is as extroverted as I am..,. some of you might want to cook a new recipe, plant flowers, listen to a Ted Talk on creativity while on the tradmill, take another route to work, walk around a different block, or write a book or paint a picture. Your OWN brand of magic is what I’m reaching for here.

I’m encouraging all of us to find a place, a time, a form for our creative fire to be expressed. We find a place and time to do everything else we’re supposed to.

I’m inviting all of us to add fueling your creative fire as an equally important item on your “To Do” list.

Three tips:

1. Just Do It! Don’t make the mistake I did and spend 10 years before you follow your impulse to create. Take one little or big action today to give expression to the bigger You, even if it’s making a plan to Just Do It!

2. Don’t argue with your inner, critical voice that will raise an alarm if your usual and customary habits and patterns are threatened. Be aware of them, and Just Do It anyway. If you give too much energy to engaging that voice, you will waste 10 years before you have feel the vitality of your own creativity.

3. Keep on keeping on. You may be tempted to give it up after your first experiment. (I had to fight like crazy to create the space to attend class this Thursday). Creativity requires discipline, of time, maybe money, and attention.

Rock On!



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