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Sometimes I wonder if it is wise to work directly at relationships.

What matters is to be centered oneself, willing and ready,

always ready for the hours or moments when they come.

Then the relationship can be trusted to take care of itself. 

Irene de Castillejo




We’re all in relationships, family, professional, casual, intimate, each one offering an opportunity for connection.


We speak a relationship vocabulary about boundaries, expressing needs, being clear as a way to enhance relationships. Social media is designed to bring us closer.


Yes, many feel dissatisfied, isolated, frustrated, not really seen or heard by those who are important to us.


This workshop will explore the elements necessary for true connection, focusing on the skills necessary to hear to ourselves and each other. Out of that listening participants will develop the strength to more fully express our true selves, sometimes with less words and more truth.


Once we have become centered within, the choices to commit more deeply to some relationships, and let go of others will become more clear.

Participants will come away with a deeper understanding of the innate differences between all of us, the skills to negotiate one’s deeper needs with another, and the strength to hold on, or let go.

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