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The unconscious always tries to produce an impossible situation in order to force the individual to bring out his very best. Otherwise one stops short of one’s best, one is not complete, one does not realize oneself. ~ C.J. Jung




If you are healthy and strong, have plenty of energy, and experience peak physical performance, you’re very lucky.   Treasure your good fortune.


But, if you need to achieve more stamina or overcome health challenges, call me for a free consultation.  I may be able to help.


I understand people who suffer health challenges that have stolen their lives.  In mid-life I lost my health, and have successfully healed and regenerated the systems in my body.


What seemed impossible I took on as a challenge, and today I am strong, healthy, and have maximum brain-power.


As your health coach, I will bring hope, knowledge, and support to your specific needs. You can reframe your experience, and consider new options as a pathway to revitalize your life by rebuilding your health.  


I draw on 25 years of experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Ayurveda, Energetic Medicine, Allopathic Medicine, Biofeedback, Osteopathy and the exciting field of Genetic Medicine to help you find the best approach to restoring your health.


These services are offered in person or remotely, and conclude when you have achieved your goals.



Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, it just means difficult.

Randy Adams 

Hurricane Katrina Survivor


Just read my story in the form of a chapter in a book I was asked to contribute to.

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