We all have blind spots.


We all need help.


One of my early mentors, a great Gestalt therapist said:  “Everything comes down to asking and answering this question:  What Do You Want?”.


Safe, confidential sessions allow you to be seen with fresh eyes.  The clarity and insight generated in a collaborative, creative conversation accesses your own answers, and builds the strength and skills to make important changes.


Couples and families are guided to release the past in a safe environment, and then build the future with an understanding of each other’s differences.  Clients are supported to declare what they want, and learn negotiation skills to create agreements that build and strengthen trust. 


The work is collaborative, direct, and always empathic. I listen carefully, responding with the therapeutic approach that matches your needs, temperament and life situation.


Often results come quickly; sometimes deep change needs time.  I will quickly assess if the work is short, medium or long-term, and will always give that feedback to you.