I can sit forever under this orange tree

and no apple is going to fall on my head. 

Sufi Saying


If there’s something you need,

just raise your hand! ~ Bruce Springsteen




Want to write a book, change jobs, launch a website, begin a blog, produce that video, connect with kindred spirits, upgrade your reel, start to paint, take up photography, go on a trip, finish your play, join an improv group (me), build your studio, declutter your space and mind, streamline your life?


As your coach I will help you Just Do It! by providing a weekly structure of support, feedback, deadlines and accountability to get you unstuck and on the move.


I will also help you solve the inevitable problems that always arise with change.


Stop the frustration of setting goals and failing to achieve them. Raise Your hand and get what you want and need.

These services are offered in person or remotely, and conclude when you have achieved your goals.