Tremendous power is released when a true connection with another person is made. I have learned to trust the life-force in each individual to guide us in relationships, succeed professionally and creatively, and to strengthen our bodies. Every encounter is rich with the possibility of new life. In my work as a teacher, counselor and coach I rely on our combined energy to meet your needs.  


My own life struggles – with family, profession, marriage and health –led to many years of rigorous work in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and healing the body. I’ve had help from the best, and today live my own life, not somebody else’s script.


I respond to everyone’s unique learning style, a skill acquired while developing and delivering training programs for the State of California and a national church organization.  I learned how people learn, and respect the fact that each of us is an individual, not a label.


An appetite for spiritual nourishment led me to become an ordained minister. As a licensed counselor I reach for that place within all of us where spirit and psyche meet.  Whether they use the specific word or not, I honor everyone’s spiritual journey.


As a participant and co-trainer for 17 years with the National Training Labs Institute for Applied Behavioral Science (NTL) I know how a group can harness dynamic, synergistic, sometimes magic energy to achieve personal goals, and grow in ways that are outside their box.  The principles of effective group process are the basis for all workshops.  I am always a participant and a trainer.  We grow together.

The Authentic Woman Workshop series was developed out of my natural Affinity for women’s experience.   It was in my 30-year conversation with my mentor, Tobes Reisel, that I have learned to trust the liberating power of the feminine that restored my life and spirit.

My work gives back what I have been given.



"All my life I’ve felt most alive when connecting with others."

~ Marsha Mendizza


Together, the teacher and

the taught make the learning.